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GraphoGame is a proven, simple and fun way to
improve your child’s reading skills.

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Proven by science. Made with love.

Developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge Centre for Neuroscience in Education, GraphoGame helps your child or student learn their first letters, syllables and words. Studies have shown that blending phonics and rhyming, the use of sounds to learn words and rhyming syllables, is one of most effective ways to teach how to read.

The game adapts to your child’s reading ability, builds reading confidence and keeps them engaged with fun 3D graphics! Developed by educators and researchers around the world, GraphoGame helps pre-school and primary school students, and is also effective with children with special needs.

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Play for 15+
minutes every day

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Reading test scores
increased by 13%

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Spelling test scores
increased by 17%

  • Play at home with your kids

    Parents know how to make playtime fun - from playing house, to playing pretend or preparing kids to read. Spend quality time playing GraphoGame with your kids and help them build their love for reading. Together, you can sound out letters, advance through each interactive level and keep track of their progress when you’re out of the room. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Listen. Hear different letters, syllables and rhymes through fun, interactive levels.
    2. Choose. Choose the letter, syllable or rhyme that matches the sound.
    3. Read. Put it all together and learn to read new words. Celebrate and move to the next level!

  • Play in the classroom with students

    With GraphoGame, you don’t have to choose between playtime and class time! Enrich your early literacy curriculum and train your students’ decoding skills with an engaging and evidence-based phonics and onset-rhyme game.

    Suitable for classrooms, each student can work at their own pace and remain motivated. Receive warnings of possible at-risk students and track progress with user analytics. Setting up GraphoGame in the classroom is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. Listen. Hear different sounds, vowels and consonants through fun, interactive videos.
    2. Choose. Choose the letter, syllable or word that matches the sound.
    3. Read. Put it all together and read the world out loud. Celebrate and move to the next level!

Kids and teachers love GraphoGame


“I would definitely recommend the game . . .
It's what's been lacking - a stretching programme for English and it does motivate them”

– Primary school teacher


“If there is a tricky word. . .
we can chop it up into pieces and answer it”

- Primary school student


“it's not reliant on adult support, it's easy to use as an intervention tool and you can monitor progress easily through it”

– Primary school teacher


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