Elevating Finnish EdTech Companies on the Global Stage

Recently, GraphoGame was recognised with an international ICEIE* certificate for its Efficacy. Before that, it received the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2023 and was included in the HolonIQ Nordic Baltic Edtech 50 companies. These acknowledgements nicely add to GraphoGame’s awards list, but are these recognitions essential and why?

We believe they are, as not only does GraphoGame receive deserved attention, but it also helps to position Finnish education technology companies and their innovations in the marketplace in general. The significance of pursuing awards and certifications cannot be overstated as the industry continues to evolve. Let’s delve into why these accolades are crucial and how they can propel Finnish edtech companies to international acclaim.

Validation and credibility

In a realm marked by rapid advancements and diverse solutions, receiving recognition through awards and certifications is a seal of validation. It communicates to stakeholders, investors, and prospective customers that Finnish edtech products and services undergo a thorough evaluation and are deemed exceptional. This validation enhances credibility, fostering trust in Finnish brands and establishing them as esteemed authorities in the field.

Market differentiation

Amidst a growing pool of education technology providers, setting Finnish companies apart is essential. Awards and certifications offer a unique opportunity to distinguish Finnish companies from competitors. Finnish companies carve out distinctive identities in the market by showcasing their achievements, innovative strategies, and unwavering commitment to excellence. This clarity aids purchasers in identifying the most suitable solutions, bolstering the reputation of Finnish edtech on the global stage.

Enhanced visibility and exposure

Engaging in awards programs validates Finnish companies’ endeavours and amplifies their visibility worldwide. Winning or even being nominated for esteemed awards generates significant buzz and interest, attracting potential customers, partners, and investors from across the globe. This heightened exposure opens doors to new collaborations and opportunities, expanding the reach and impact of Finnish edtech companies in the international education technology ecosystem.

Informed decision-making for purchasers

The abundance of options can be daunting for purchasers navigating the complex realm of education technology. Awards and certifications serve as invaluable guideposts, directing purchasers towards high-quality solutions that have earned recognition for their excellence. By showcasing their accolades, Finnish companies provide purchasers with tangible evidence of their product’s effectiveness, reliability, and value, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering trust in Finnish tech brands.

Access to best practices and insights

Participating in awards programs offers Finnish companies more than just recognition; it provides invaluable opportunities for learning and growth. Engaging with industry experts, judges, and fellow participants exposes Finnish companies to best practices, emerging trends, and innovative approaches worldwide. This exchange of ideas and insights fuels continuous improvement, enabling Finnish edtech companies to refine their offerings and stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

Recognitions make Finnish innovations visible!

In the fast-paced realm of education technology, where innovation and excellence reign supreme, pursuing awards and certifications is not just recommended — it’s imperative. These accolades validate Finnish companies’ efforts, differentiate them from competitors, enhance visibility, inform purchasers, and provide access to invaluable insights. By leveraging the power of awards and certifications, Finnish edtech companies can ascend to international acclaim, profoundly impacting learners and educators worldwide.

* International Certification of Evidence of Impact in Education (ICEI

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