Empowering Children Worldwide in the Fight Against Illiteracy

fighting illiteracy
In this blog post we will open up a bit of how GraphoGame already has been used in the world and the impact it has had. GraphoGame isn’t just confined to the Norwegian context. It’s a tool that has made its mark on the international stage, with the app gaining recognition and making a real impact.

Language plays a crucial role, and GraphoGame understands this profoundly. That’s why we have developed versions of the game in 14 languages. This approach means that children who may struggle to learn in a foreign language can now engage with the game in their mother tongue. And that’s actually a game-changer. It bridges the language gap and provides children with the opportunity to develop their literacy skills in a language they understand best.


GraphoGame in Jamaica

The pilot rollout of GraphoGame in Jamaica has demonstrated its ability to bridge gaps in the country’s early childhood education system, which have only widened due to the challenges posed by COVID-19. 

Simone Sobers, Founder of WWKIDS, expressed how the app is interactive, intuitive, and user-friendly, making it an essential tool in an environment where children may have access to devices but lack connectivity and data. This initiative aligns perfectly with the mission of community-building, providing access to education, and promoting overall well-being and development.

We’ve gathered a few quotes below, to illustrate the perceived benefits of GraphoGame at different levels:


Boy in 3rd grade, Jamaica

“I enjoy playing GraphoGame. It teaches me new letters and words, and also how to pronounce them. It is a fun game.“

Parent to a 4th grader.

“I was introduced to GraphoGame as my son was a slow reader. It has improved his reading and helped his pronunciation. I can see how fun he has playing the game and how much he has improved. I am very thankful for GraphoGame.”

Ms. Joy Skyers, Learning Specialist, Lannaman's Prep School

“The Graphogame is one of the best educational tools. The perfect  stepping stone to reading. Hearing the letter sounds helps the children to remember and identify words. They see it as fun while learning. Our Grade 4 students who are underperforming in reading are benefiting tremendously from playing the game. A few of them have moved from pre primer readers, reading fluently at the Grade 1 level and ending the school year beginning to read at the Grade 2 level. I would definitely recommend parents and teachers to use the Graphogame to teach Phonics and Reading.”

Karlene Bisnott-Hemmings, Principal

“As the Principal in our school, I encouraged the lower school cohort and those who were struggling with reading to download the game on their devices. Although I am not in a position to confirm how many did, the feedback from some who did has been positive. In the coming school year we intend to make it mandatory for the 3, 4 and 5 years old students to have the game on their devices and have the teachers structure Graphogame time weekly. This approach is sure to bring greater success at reading in our young students.”

GraphoGame in Brazil

We are also very excited to share the story of GraphoGame in Brazil, a groundbreaking collaboration between GraphoGroup and A Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). Together, we have developed a solution to support teachers and families in remote teaching activities, and to empower children in acquiring essential literacy skills. This initiative is aligned with the Ministry of Education’s National Literacy Policy and the Tempo de Aprendiz program.

Collaboration for Literacy:

The partnership between Grapho Group and PUCRS has been instrumental in bringing GraphoGame to Brazil. Combining the expertise of Brazilian scientists with Grapho Group’s evidence-based learning approach, we have created a tailored solution to address the unique needs of Brazilian students. This collaboration highlights the commitment to providing effective literacy support and fostering a love for reading among children in Brazil.

Positive Impact:

The impact of GraphoGame in Brazil has been remarkable. Through extensive research and user feedback, we have seen children make significant progress in their reading abilities. The game’s interactive and engaging approach, coupled with the expertise of PUCRS, has contributed to its success in supporting literacy development among Brazilian students. With over 2 million downloads in Brazil, GraphoGame has become a trusted resource for teachers and families.

The collaboration between Grapho Group and PUCRS continues to drive innovation in literacy education in Brazil. By combining research expertise, technological advancements, and a deep understanding of the local context, we aim to expand GraphoGame’s reach and impact across the country. Together, we strive to empower more children with the necessary literacy skills for a brighter future.

GraphoGame in Colombia

Jeison Díaz is a future Clinical linguist from Colombia who is currently doing research with GraphoGame. His study examines the effects of GG in pre-reading skills of first graders in a small school located in Bucaramanga, Colombia. His preliminary results show that students who played GraphoGame recognize more letters and sounds now, and they have improved their literacy skills. The best part of these improvements is that those children have had fun while learning how to read. Jeison has expressed his satisfaction for having been able to provide these students with access to the educational game and having had the opportunity to see their happy faces while they play GG. 

In his study, he also interviewed the first-grade teacher, and she shared her satisfaction with GraphoGame as a supporting tool for reading acquisition. She stated that GG is a suitable game that engages students and motivates them to learn associations between sounds and letters. She is also planning on integrating GG in her lesson planning after Jeison’s study is done.

With the idea of bringing a positive social impact to Colombian children, Jeison also applied and won the Greenheart Global impact Grant to implement his project in his hometown in Colombia. His project also uses GraphoGame as a supporting educational technology resource to contribute to the acquisition of early literacy skills. He expects to be able to benefit more than 400 Colombian children with access to GG in his town and neighbouring towns. GraphoGame is indeed contributing to the literacy journey of many children around the world, and now more Colombian kids could be included to that growing list.


Looking ahead

Literacy is the first learning skill we acquire, and without it, all other learning suffers or even stops. There are 393 million children and 773 million adults in the world who can’t read. GraphoGame provides an inherently scalable, accessible, and effective methodology to solve this global problem. GraphoGame is a personalised early literacy tool that helps children learn to read and is available in 14 languages. The predictive data models we have developed, help teachers perform early interventions for struggling readers. 

GraphoGame has been developed and approved by scientists from over 30 universities and the research has been peer-reviewed in over 300 scientific publications and 18 PhD thesis papers. With over 5M downloads, 500k monthly active users and 18 national deals, GraphoGame has already made a significant impact on children’s literacy development – and we want to take it even further. 



Screenshots of GraphoGame