Trust and efficacy are pillars of excellence in the evolving landscape of educational technology (EdTech).

GraphoGame’s journey to excellence: 
A beacon of trust and Efficacy in EdTech

Recently, GraphoGame was awarded the prestigious ICEIE certificate at BETT2024, affirming its significant impact in the realm of EdTech efficacy. This award signifies a milestone for GraphoGame and illustrates the importance of standardised evaluation in the EdTech sector.

The education ecosystem thrives on trust.

To foster this trust and facilitate a deeper understanding of EdTech products, it is crucial to have robust testing and evaluation frameworks. The ICEIE, through its meticulous and collaborative approach, has set out to streamline these frameworks, aiding EdTech organisations and policymakers in navigating the complex world of educational technology. Their focus on the ICEIE Five Categories of Impact Efficacy, Effectiveness, Equity, Ethics, and Environment – provides a comprehensive method for assessing the value and impact of EdTech solutions.

“Could the solution work?”

GraphoGame, a pioneering company specialising in literacy education, has always been at the forefront of incorporating evidence-based practices into its solutions. The ICEIE’s recognition in the Efficacy category, addressing the question “Could the solution work?” is a testament to GraphoGame’s commitment to developing impactful educational tools.

The ICEIE’s initiative goes beyond just awarding certificates. It aims to align testing and validation frameworks to enhance educators’ and policymakers’ understanding of how these solutions fit within existing policy structures. The certification process involves a detailed evaluation, from preliminary assessments to expert reviews, ensuring that the solutions meet the set benchmarks and cater to a diverse user population. The recognition of GraphoGame, alongside other leaders like Kahoot! and the Age of Learning, paves the way for a future where educational technologies are universally recognised for their impact and efficacy.

GraphoGame’s recognition by the ICEIE is not just a singular achievement but a beacon for the entire EdTech community. It underscores the importance of collective action in addressing the challenges in EdTech and setting a standard for impactful educational technologies. As we progress, GraphoGame continues to be a leader in the field, dedicated to transforming educational technology and enhancing learning experiences worldwide.

Mervi Palander, CEO of GraphoGame