Investing Beyond Profit – How Your Support Can Shape Global Literacy

GraphoGame isn’t just about teaching reading – it’s about sparking a lifelong love for learning. The game adapts to every child’s needs with responsive learning designed for all skill levels.

With rapid repetition, learning from mistakes, and achieving milestones, GraphoGame drives children’s reading skills forward.

Why Does It Work?

Because it’s rooted in evidence. GraphoGame’s creation involves collaboration with leading global universities, including the prestigious University of Cambridge. We proudly bear the title of “the most researched literacy game in the world.”

With over 5 million downloads, our game’s impact is already visible. The journey to eradicate illiteracy is ongoing, and you can be a part of it.

Join the Journey: Follow us on Folkeinvest and become a co-owner.

By investing in GraphoGame through Folkeinvest, you’re contributing to a revolution in literacy.