Revolutionising Learning with Data: The Future of Education

GraphoGame is revolutionising how we approach education by leveraging data-driven and evidence-based approaches, making it more inclusive, equitable, and effective for all learners. Read on to learn more about how this journey benefits from data toward a brighter future for education.

In the traditional education paradigm, we often assess learning outcomes based on grades, attendance records, and past experiences. However, there is a growing realisation that we must shift our focus towards actively influencing the learning process, ensuring inclusivity and equality for all learners.

At GraphoGame, we spearhead this transformation by leveraging innovative solutions that collect learning data and provide insights into the learning process. This approach allows us to tailor learning experiences to individual learners, promoting equality and inclusion.

Personalised learning experience

One way we utilise data is within the game itself, where the game adapts to the learner’s current competencies, providing a personalised learning experience. This approach ensures that every learner receives the support they need to succeed.

Additionally, we harness data mining techniques to identify predictive models that help educators intervene proactively, even before a problem arises. This proactive approach sets GraphoGame apart, empowering educators to address challenges preemptively.

The uniqueness and effectiveness of educational technology products like GraphoGame have been recognised in assessments like the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). These products offer unprecedented visibility into the learning process, driving positive outcomes for learners.

University collaboration

Over the past three years, we have collaborated closely with the University of Stavanger, enabling us to provide comprehensive insights into learners’ reading progress and challenges. This partnership equips educators with the tools to intervene effectively and support student success.

Our work continues as we expand our reach to French-speaking and UK English-speaking markets, ensuring our innovative solutions positively impact learners worldwide.

Screenshots of GraphoGame