UNESCO: “We must address challenges in education data”

The recent UNESCO Conference on Education Data and Statistics in Paris shed light on critical challenges facing the education sector, particularly in teacher data.

Our CCO Markku Pelkonen took part in the conference and said afterwards:
“By improving our capabilities to use system-level data, we can confront these obstacles head-on and pave the way for a truly  transformative change on a global scale.”

Here’s a glimpse into the critical challenges identified:

🔍 Comparable Measurements and Educational Data are Missing

 The lack of standardised indicators and comparable definitions hinders accurate assessment, leading to disparities in data quality across regions. Without a clear empirical definition of trained teachers and standardised methodologies, achieving meaningful comparisons becomes an uphill battle.

🎓 Qualifications and Training of Teachers Lack Conceptualisation

 The absence of agreed-upon conceptual frameworks for teacher training programs exacerbates the problem. This ambiguity impedes accurate data collection and complicates efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of teacher policies.

📊 Lack of Information and Methodologies

Insufficient data on vital variables like teacher salaries and attrition rates further compounds the issue. Without comprehensive datasets, policymakers struggle to effectively formulate evidence-based strategies to address educational challenges.

💡 Lack of Clarity and Guidance

The absence of clear definitions and guidance perpetuates confusion and impedes capacity-building initiatives. We must establish standardised frameworks and provide robust advice to streamline data collection efforts to drive meaningful progress.

At GraphoGame, education technology operators must unite as a global community to address these challenges and pave the way for data-driven solutions. By fostering collaboration, standardising methodologies, and providing clear guidance, we can unlock invaluable insights to propel education systems forward.

We believe we can turn these challenges into opportunities for progress and create a brighter future for learners worldwide! 

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