Does GraphoGame offer school licensing?

GraphoGame apps are sold through the Apple, Google Play and Microsoft Stores which each have their own unique way of allowing school to purchase apps in volume. Explore the up-to-date information below on what programs each app store offers:

Apple App Store  (iPhones, iPads & new Mac computers)
The Apple School Manager program is the gold standard for purchasing apps in schools, districts and other educational organizations. All you need is a handful of Apple devices that your organization, staff or clients own. Here’s how it works:  support.apple.com/en-us/guide/deployment-education/edub2bcccc1f/web

Google Play  (Android devices or Chromebooks)
Managed by Google Play  is a slightly more complicated version of Apple School Manager for buying apps for multiple Android devices. They allow all types of organizations to buy apps and make them privately available for accounts that have been registered in Google Play, see this support article to set up your accounts:  support.google.com/googleplay/work/answer/7042221

Microsoft Store  (All Windows devices)
The Microsoft Store for Business and Education  is the primary way schools used to be able to download GraphoGame in volume. Having changed their policies as of April 1, 2021, the Microsoft Education Store now only contains our  apps that have been made free through Nationwide LicensingAs a result, buying GraphoGame for Windows devices has become manual in nature, and we see this continuing to be the case with the changes proposed in July 2021.

For any outstanding questions, please contact us by email:  support@graphogame.com . We would be happy to assist with your individual inquiries and are happy to hear about your experience using one of the programs linked above.

I forgot my password (PIN). How can I enter the game?

No problem. Fortunately, anyone can reset their PIN in the player settings ⚙️

First, open the game to the home screen and click the player settings button (icon with player faces and a gear 👥⚙️). Then, click on the gear ⚙️ icon to change your settings (game mode, PIN, name, gender, content).

Lastly, click the “Set PIN” button.

How can I skip content?

As above, skipping content happens in the player settings. With the same window open, you can scroll down to the “Skip content” button. When you click, it will prompt you to enter 4 randomly-generated numbers and allow you to choose which content to skip (Streams and Assessments). Skipped content is unlocked entirely, whereas all other levels must still be played in sequence.

Can I increase the volume more? (For loud environments)

Yes. The game has a default volume level that can be changed so your device plays at the absolute loudest, rather than what is recommended for quieter contexts. To change the default volume, go to the  main menu  on the home screen (leftmost icon with three lines) and then click on ” Settings⚙️ when the new window opens. Then, click on ” Sound settings 🎵  and adjust the ” Effects ” level to the right for louder instructions and effects. The “Music” slider allows you to lower or raise the volume (not recommended for kids) of the background music. Try using headphones in classrooms to minimize noise.

Is my device compatible?

If you are using a PC that runs on Linux or Ubuntu, your device is not yet compatible. The easiest way to use GraphoGame on a PC without Windows 10 is to download an “Android emulator”. A quick internet search will allow you to find an emulator to download, which will allow you to use the Android version of GraphoGame  on your PC.

If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, chances are that you will need to update your operating system. These are the minimum specifications for GraphoGame’s English versions for each device type:

Android devices
Android 4.4 (Jelly Bean) and up

Apple devices
Kids Learn to Read  ( 🇬🇧) : iPhone / iPad / iPod touch:  Requires iOS 7.0 or later.  Mac:   Requires macOS 11 or later with an Apple M1 chip.
US English  ( 🇺🇸) :  iPhone / iPad / iPod touch:  Requires iOS 9.0 or later.  Mac:   Same as above.

Microsoft devices
Windows 10  (version 10240.0 or higher)

We are not yet available on the Amazon Appstore, but if this applies to you feel free to contact us!

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