"I started GraphoGame because I firmly believe that no child should be held back by illiteracy in today's world."

Mervi Palander, founder.


Get to know GraphoGame

What is the challenge?

Illiteracy should not be a problem in 2023, but it is.

It is a global challenge that hinders individuals’ social, economic, and personal development. The inability to read and write limits access to information, job opportunities, and participation in society.

Read more in our blog post where we delve into the issue of illiteracy and its impact on individuals and communities.

What is the solution?

The game we have developed produces analytics of childrens decoding & phonics practice, allowing for parents and teachers to quickly react to bottlenecks in their learning.

GraphoGame not only teaches reading, but instills a love for learning. The game mechanic is easy to pick up by kids of any age and experience level.

Through quick repetition, failure, and reaching goals, GraphoGame quickly helps kids advance their reading skills. Read more about how game-based learning is the key in the fight against Illiteracy.

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kid learns to read

How do we know it works?

Because it is evidence-based. The game is developed together with leading universities across the world, including University of Cambridge. We are able to call ourselves “the most researched literacy game in the world”.  

With over 5 million downloads, we have seen our game already have an effect. Read the blog post to find out more about our success stories in Finland, Jamaica, France and Colombia. 

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Engaging way of learning

Children naturally love playing games. A scientifically developed learning app offers a perfect way to tap into that.

Adapts to every child's needs

Responsive learning designed for all skill levels – it’s even been proven to help kids with dyslexia and neurodiversity.

Affordable & Scalable

Replacing physical materials or specialized equipment, makes it a cost-effective option for schools and individuals around the world.

graphogame prize

GraphoGame awarded UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2023!

The UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize is a distinguished international accolade that acknowledges outstanding efforts in promoting effective and innovative literacy practices.

We are extremely proud to be honoured with this prize. Read more what it means for our future work: