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“Our son is evolving impressively with the help of the program, We did not expect that our 3 years old would learn to read this easily.”

Parents of a 3 year old, Brazil
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Connect sounds with
letters and words!

You play by connecting spoken sounds with letters and words. Sounds simple right? It’s called phonics, and it’s actually one of the most effective ways to learn how to read, and proven by science.

Players earn rewards with every correct answer and learning sequence completed. After 15 minutes of play, they can use rewards to customize their avatar!

Over 100 hours of fun
learning content!

With over 100 hours of content in each language, GraphoGame allows children to discover the wonders of reading in their own pace. There are 25 streams of 5 to 9 levels, plus 7 assessments. The content is made to last 1 school year.

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Spark a love for learning

GraphoGame not only teaches reading, but instills a love for learning. The game mechanic is easy to pick up by kids of any age and experience level.

Through quick repetition, failure, and reaching goals, GraphoGame quickly helps kids advance their reading skills.

Fun & engaging way of learning

Children naturally love playing games. A scientifically developed learning app offers a perfect way to tap into that.

Adapts to your childs needs

Responsive learning designed to intervene in dyslexia and accommodate neurodiversity.

No parental involvement needed

No supervision is needed and you can expect your child to start showing significant progress in just a few days.

Choose the language you’d like your child to learn

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Currently not available on IOS, Android, Microsoft

100% ad free experience | 100+ hours of learning | Start seeing results in just DAYS

Set your child up for reading success! You won’t regret it.