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GraphoGame is a learning to read game helping kids over 3 years old to learn to read quicker than you can imagine. Learn to read games are proven to be effective to develop early literacy that will benefit the children for the rest of their lives. 

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Do like 4 million parents around the globe – help your children learn to read!

In just a few weeks, you can significantly improve your child’s reading skills by having them play learn how to read games with GraphoGame.

By applying proven scientific breakthroughs in literacy and phonics, our game help children identify a series of sounds that make words different from one another and understand the basics of reading. 

Over 4 Million parents from different parts of the world are tapping into Graphogame’s scientifically proven game that teaches reading skills to children through learn how to read games. 

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Effective for all starting levels

The current level of English does not matter. The game adopts responsive learning and automatically sets the starting level with proven effectiveness also for people with dyslexia and neurodiversity.

No parental involvement needed

The app is designed so that your child can independently start learning. Works both for native & non-native speakers.

Here’s how kids learn to read with GraphoGame:

How can a learning to read app be effective?

It is because it’s based on the alphabetic principle, the concept that spoken sounds and words correspond to written text. This is one of the first skills a child develops when learning to read. Research has shown that children who don’t create a robust foundation for reading through the use of phonics are at a greater risk of developing reading difficulties later in their lives.

How do learn how to read games keep children motivated?

Learning to read games work through quick repetition, failure, and accomplishment of goals; game-based learning is highly effective in helping children advance their reading skills. It’s also one of the best ways to keep children motivated to read more, which in the end is what matters. 

Can a learn how to read game provide a personalised teaching experience?

GraphoGame is proven to be as effective as 1-1 teacher support. No supervision is needed and you can expect your child to start showing significant progress in just a few days.

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” Our son is evolving impressively
with the help of the program. We did not
expect that our 3-year-old would be reading this easily “

Parents of 3 year old, Brazil

child learning to read

Amazing learning results backed by sciences

” GraphoGame has been shown to be as
effective as one-to-one teacher support “

University of Cambridge

” Children exposed to GraphoGame performed better than the control group on all literacy measures “

Nshimbi, JC et al

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Elevating Finnish EdTech Companies on the Global Stage

Recently, GraphoGame was recognised with an international ICEIE* certificate for its Efficacy. Before that, it received the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2023 and was included in the HolonIQ Nordic Baltic Edtech 50 companies. These acknowledgements nicely add to GraphoGame’s awards list, but are these recognitions essential and why?

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GraphoGame awarded UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2023!

We have at GraphoGame been honoured with the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize for 2023. The prestigious award recognises GraphoGame’s remarkable contribution to literacy development among children and adults in their mother tongue through an innovative and gamified learning approach. Read our press release below!

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