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GraphoGame is an award-winning learn how to read game helping kids do just that – learn to read! The most researched game in the world, developed by leading experts in language & neuroscience. 

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How do learn how to read games work?

Reading is an essential skill for children to learn. But teaching your child how to read can be difficult and tedious. Luckily, there are fun ways to help your child become a better reader. One of the best ways is through playing games! Games provide a low-pressure environment where children can learn new skills while having fun!

The internet provides access to many educational apps designed specifically for young readers. These apps, or games, usually involve interactive activities such as matching letters or words, or completing sentences with the correct word choices. They also provide visual cues and helpful hints so that kids don’t get overwhelmed by the material they’re learning—instead, they get positive reinforcement that encourages them to keep going! 

This is exactly what GraphoGame does. It’s the most researched educational app in the world, meaning it’s developed to actually work. This why we are able to make the bold statement that your child can learn to read in just days!

kid learning to read
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Effective for all starting level

 The game automatically sets the starting level with proven effectiveness also for children with dyslexia and neurodiversity. One of the key benefit of a learning app.

No parental involvement needed

The current level of English does not matter, which is a reason the app is popular on a global level. The app is designed so that your child can independently start learning.

Here’s a few reasons why learn how to read games are effective:

A fun & engaging way of learning

Developed in collaboration with some of the most respected experts in language, speech, and neuroscience, this game is designed to provide a fast, individualized learning experience that is both enjoyable and effective.

It incorporates sophisticated algorithms that enable it to constantly adjust to the child’s skill level, ensuring that the content presented is always appropriate for their development. As a result, the child can quickly acquire new words and language skills through play.


Games keeps children motivated

By utilizing quick repetition, the continuous cycle of failure and success, and achievable goals, game-based learning provides an engaging and stimulating environment for children to become fluent readers. Not only does this method help kids develop essential reading skills, but it also keeps them motivated and eager to read more.

A personalised teaching experience

GraphoGame is proven to be as effective as 1-1 teacher support. No supervision is needed and you can expect your child to start showing significant progress in just a few days. Proven to also work for non-native speakers. 

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” Our son is evolving impressively
with the help of the program. We did not
expect that our 3-year-old would be reading this easily “

Parents of 3 year old, Brazil

child learning to read

Amazing learning results backed by sciences

” GraphoGame has been shown to be as
effective as one-to-one teacher support “

University of Cambridge

” Children exposed to GraphoGame performed better than the control group on all literacy measures “

Nshimbi, JC et al

Reading tips & tricks from industry experts


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kid learning to read

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