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Many parents want to give their children a good start in life by introducing them to a second language. English is a popular choice, and with these tips and the right tools, teaching English to your child at home can be fun and rewarding.

Set your child up for success later in life

A fluent second language can have life-altering effects on the lives of children. It can open doors that otherwise could stay closed, such as studying abroad for short periods in high school, or to acquire a prestigious university degree. 

Having fluent language skills can also open up completely new job markets. And it can have a direct impact on salary, with some experts estimating that multilingual people earn as much as 15% more than peers. 

English is the number one global language for business, so it makes sense to choose it as a second language for your child. As a fluent English speaker, you’re able to land a job almost anywhere in the world. But you don’t have to leave your home country to reap the benefits of a second language. Local businesses operating globally or catering to international customers are ready and eager to invest in professionals with great language skills. 

School vs technology

Having access to quality language teaching at school can make a huge impact on your child’s language skills. However in many places around the world those kinds of resources are just not available, or they might require enrolling your child into an expensive private school. When it comes to English language teaching, even private schools might lack teachers who are native English speakers, and therefore often lack the pronunciation, vocabulary and skills needed to teach fluent language use.

Private school tuition is a huge financial investment, but nowadays, technology can provide access to the same learning techniques for a fraction of the cost of private lessons. And studies have shown that language fluency is easier to achieve the younger you’re predisposed to a language, so learning at home with parents can make all the difference.

One great example of a modern and innovative solution to teaching young children English is GraphoGame (App StoreGoogle Play and Microsoft Store.). The idea of learning a language through a mobile game might seem far-fetched, but GraphoGame has been developed through years of research done in Finland and at Cambridge University.

The science behind GraphoGame’s effectiveness has been proven time and time again in scientific studies. Learning a language effectively is understanding the links between the spoken language and its written form. In scientific literature this is called the grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPC’s) that occur within all languages. The ways in which it impacts fluent reading has been well established.

Focusing on teaching GPC’s through the use of a technique called phonics, and the engaging and motivational mechanics of the game make GraphoGame one of the most effective methods for kids to learn English. 

A study done in India showed that GraphoLearn led to significant improvements in children’s letter-sound knowledge, a critical factor in early reading development. India is an example of a country where there are a number of factors working against slum community children, when it comes to learning to read in English.

Coming from homes where parents may also be illiterate, children are suddenly forced to learn in a language which they may have no prior exposure to. Mother tongue instruction also may not be seen as an ideal option in a place like India, where English is given such high importance and has the potential to open many more doors. The teaching methods used aren’t able to help students to achieve, so they are put in a situation where, although they are attending English medium schools, they may never acquire sufficient English literacy. 

Technology, on the other hand, has the potential to help children overcome some of these barriers, and in turn allow them to provide the high-quality literacy instruction that they deserve.

Overall, GraphoLearn has the potential to support struggling readers of English in India, including those who are learning a non-native language and coming from at-risk backgrounds.

Learn to read English with GraphoGame

GraphoGame uses game-based learning principles and gamification mechanics to create a fun, engaging and effective learning platform for kids to learn English.

The mechanics of the game are simple. Players see a set of letters or letter strings and hear a corresponding speech sound. Players then select the correct corresponding written unit from the 4 to 7 options shown to them.

GraphoGame creates an optimal learning experience for kids of all ages and levels of reading fluency – you can be a native speaker or learning English as a second language. GraphoGame’s dynamic level-design quickly adapts to the skill level of the student, delivering a playing experience that keeps kids motivated.

Players get to create their own individual characters, after which they are taken through a series of streams that are divided into levels. The English version of the game has a total of 25 streams, each containing anywhere from 5 to 9 levels. 

The game has been a global hit with over 4 Million downloads. Parents all over the world are using it to teach their kids English as a second language, and the results are impressive. Parents report their children start to show results in just a few days of playing the game. In fact, studies have shown that GraphoGame has been proven to deliver the same results in English literacy skills as one-to-one teacher support – for just a fraction of the cost!

GraphoGame helps kids learn to read

Based on decades of research into dyslexia and the use of phonics, GraphoGame offers a proven method used by over 4 million families all over the world to teach their children to become fluent readers.

Screenshots of GraphoGame

We are already regretting that our son is at the middle of his sequences in GraphoGame. He is evolving impressively with the help of the program, but we currently lack other quality tools to assist us. We did not expect that with only 3 years old, he would be reading easily.

The gamelike user interface of GraphoGame provides kids with a fun and highly effective way of learning to read, offering motivational support, instant feedback and challenges suited for all ages and abilities. GraphoGame’s dynamic level-design quickly adapts to the skill level of the student, delivering a playing experience that keeps kids motivated.

GraphoGame allows parents to empower their children with powerful reading tools based on the same science used at expensive private schools.

GraphoGame is 100% ad free, safe for kids, and designed to support independent learning. This means parental participation is not required – although we encourage you take a look now and again and enjoy seeing firsthand how learning to read sparks enthusiasm and excitement in your child.

Download GraphoGame today

Start your child’s journey towards reading excellence today. GraphoGame allows kids to learn independently, with no parental participation required. The game is available in the App Store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.