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Prepare your children already now for the future. Learning to read in English opens up many doors for later in life, such as studying abroad and working in international companies.

Teachers in the Philippines often lack the correct pronunciation of the English language, which is important to develop from an early age.

Over 3.8 Million parents from different parts of the world are tapping into Graphogame’s scientifically proven game that teaches reading skills to children.

kid learning to read
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Effective for all starting level

The current level of English does not matter. The game adopts responsive learning and automatically sets the starting level with proven effectivness with dyslexia and neurodiversity.

No parental involvement needed

The app is designed so that your child can independently start learning.

Here’s a few reasons why parents
prefer GraphoGame.

100% ad free experience for your child

Many learning games out there monetise users by showing ads. We want your child to have a 100% ad free learning experience, but still keep the game affordable for all families.

100+ hours of learning content

GraphoGame has 25 learning streams to choose from. For a small one-time payment you’ll get content that lasts more than a school year.

A personalised teaching experience

GraphoGame is proven to be as effective as 1-1 teacher support. No supervision is needed and you can expect your child to start showing significant progress in just a few days.

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” Our son is evolving impressively
with the help of the program. We did not
expect that our 3-year-old would be reading this easily “

Parents of 3 year old, Brazil

child learning to read

Amazing learning results backed by sciences

” GraphoGame has been shown to be as
effective as one-to-one teacher support “

University of Cambridgle

” Children exposed to GraphoGame performed better than the control group on all literacy measures “

Nshimbi, JC et al

Reading tips & tricks from industry experts

graphogame prize

GraphoGame awarded UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize 2023!

We have at GraphoGame been honoured with the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize for 2023. The prestigious award recognises GraphoGame’s remarkable contribution to literacy development among children and adults in their mother tongue through an innovative and gamified learning approach. Read our press release below!

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gamebased learning

Game-Based Learning: Empowering Fight Against Illiteracy

Today, we’re diving into an exciting topic that’s making waves in Norway’s education scene: game-based learning. While Norway boasts high literacy rates, there are still some kids who face challenges when it comes to reading and writing.

That’s where our adaptive game GraphoGame steps in, offering a helping hand to children with learning difficulties and making literacy an inclusive learning resource for all. Let’s explore how game-based learning is revolutionising the fight against illiteracy!

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illiteracy 2023

Illiteracy should not be a problem in 2023, but it is.

Illiteracy is a global challenge that hinders individuals’ social, economic, and personal development. The inability to read and write limits access to information, job opportunities, and participation in society.

In this blog post, we will delve into the issue of illiteracy, its impact on individuals and communities, and explore the initiatives and solutions that are making a difference in the fight against illiteracy.

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kid learning to read

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