Exploring collaborative avenues in education and literacy: GraphoGame’s visit to SESI

São Paulo April 26, 2024 — During a recent visit to Brazil, CCO Markku Pelkonen of GraphoGame had the privilege of engaging with dignitaries and educators at SESI – Faculdade SESI de Educação in São Paulo. The joint workshop proved pivotal for exchanging innovative ideas on teacher education and learning from each other’s experiences.

SESI, also known as Serviço Social da Indústria, stands at the forefront of education, with a clear mission to empower teachers for elementary and secondary schools while fostering educational, cultural, and social development in Brazil. Their commitment to excellence in education has led to significant strides in teacher education nationally and globally.

Markku Pelkonen extended his gratitude for organising the visit and coordinating all the discussions at SESI to Hugo Nunes, Doctor in Education and Supervisor of graduation courses, his colleagues and the entire SESI team’s for such a warm welcome.

He remarked, “It was an honour to present and demo the GraphoGame literacy game at SESI. Witnessing the shared interest among different parties in tackling the issue of illiteracy was truly inspiring.”

SESI’s Educational Residence program is a shining example of practical teacher training. It allows student teachers to immerse themselves in natural classroom environments across São Paulo’s extensive network of over 142 schools in 112 cities. Over three years, aspiring educators engage in activities spanning various teaching and learning contexts, ensuring a robust and diverse learning experience.

The exchange of knowledge and views during the visit has further invigorated GraphoGame’s commitment to enhancing teacher education and literacy programs globally. The innovative initiatives undertaken by SESI align closely with GraphoGame’s mission to empower educators and improve literacy outcomes, fostering collaborative efforts toward educational excellence and social development.

“SESI’s holistic approach to teacher education and unwavering commitment to educational excellence inspire collaborative endeavours in education and literacy, fostering a valuable and sustainable impact on society”, noted Pelkonen in his closing words.