GraphoGame among leading EdTech innovators at UNICEF Learning Pioneers Programme

Helsinki, Finland April 25, 2024 — The UNICEF Global Learning Innovation Hub’s Learning Pioneers Programme commenced its Innovation Camp in Helsinki, Finland, from April 22nd to April 26th, 2024, with GraphoGame as one of the prominent Finnish edtech companies participating in this transformative event.

The Innovation Camp serves as a cornerstone of the Learning Pioneers Programme. It offers a deep dive into building digital learning futures, bringing together government representatives and UNICEF staff from Egypt, Ghana, Malaysia, Rwanda, Uzbekistan, and Zimbabwe. Over five days, participants explore edtech, digital pedagogies, design thinking, lean startup approaches, and frontier tech literacy, among other crucial topics.

Drawing from innovative speakers and visits, global experts share insights on edtech advancements, the latest research, and innovative solutions, fostering collaboration and empowering participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for implementing novel tools in their respective countries.

Jesper Ryynänen presenting GraphoGame’s literacy learning solution.

A key highlight of the Innovation Camp is the exploration of entrepreneurship and sustainable business models in edtech. Participants engage with successful Finnish edtech companies, including GraphoGame, Eduten, 3DBear, KideScience and LessonApp, gaining valuable insights and uncovering technology’s potential in addressing educational challenges. 

The event also provides an overview of edtech, featuring demos of technology in education and opportunities for creative ideas. Through its participation, GraphoGame contributes its expertise and innovative, evidence-based solutions in literacy development to support the collective efforts of edtech pioneers in shaping the future of digital learning.

GraphoGame was represented at the event by CEO Mervi Palander, COO Jesper Ryynänen ja Chair Laura Koponen