GraphoGame continues to make impactful strides with HundrED

Helsinki, Finland, May 14, 2024 — GraphoGame continues its collaboration with HundrED, a distinguished organisation dedicated to K-12 education innovation. In response to its expanding global reach and increasing user base, GraphoGame has recently updated its company profile at HundrED site.

At the heart of HundrED’s mission lies the belief that every child deserves access to quality education, and through innovative approaches, we can transform educational systems worldwide.

GraphoGame, hailed as the world’s most researched literacy game, exemplifies this commitment to educational excellence. Developed under the GraphoLearn initiative, a global academic endeavour dedicated to creating evidence-based literacy solutions, 

GraphoGame is poised to make a significant difference in literacy education. “We sincerely believe we can help tens of millions of people,” remarks Mervi Palander, CEO of GraphoGame.

With over 7 million downloads and a growing user base, GraphoGame has established itself as a leader in the field. 

“Our gamified approach to literacy learning keeps gaining hundreds of thousands of monthly active users globally. Moreover, through strategic collaborations with governments and NGOs, our game is accessible to children worldwide, regardless of socioeconomic background, ensuring inclusivity in education”, continues Palander

One of GraphoGame’s key strengths is its adaptability. The game is available online and can be accessed offline, catering to diverse learning environments and infrastructural limitations. This versatility underscores GraphoGame’s commitment to reaching every child with impactful literacy solutions.

GraphoGame’s ongoing collaboration with HundrED underscores its commitment to revolutionising educational paradigms and empowering students to excel as global citizens.

Please visit our company presentation at site through this link.