In Greenland, all children learn to read with GraphoGame

Nuuk, Greenland, June 20, 2024 — GraphoGame, a renowned educational game, proudly announces its widespread adoption in Greenland, where it is utilised by all children to foster literacy skills. GraphoGame Kalaaallisut, specifically designed for 6 to 9-year-old children, employs a proven method to enhance reading and spelling abilities, offering a valuable resource for kindergarten and primary school students.

GraphoGame Kalaaallisut game was developed in cooperation with the Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, and the Church of Greenland. It is the culmination of decades of research in dyslexia, neurolinguistics, and neuropsychology. Greenlandized by the Education Agency in 2019 from the Finnish game GraphoLearn, the app underwent rigorous testing and adaptation to cater to the unique linguistic needs of Greenlandic children, aligning with scientific principles and educational standards.

Securing the future of the Greenlandic language

Greenlandic (Kalaallisut) is an Eskimo–Aleut language with about 57,000 speakers, mostly Greenlandic Inuit in Greenland. All the Greenlandic dialects belong to the Inuit family of languages which encompasses 20 languages or dialects spoken by around 65,000 people throughout Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. UNESCO lists Kalaallisut as vulnerable but classifies the other two dialects as Definitely Endangered.

While Greenlandic serves as the official language in Greenland, the administrative system predominantly operates in Danish. This extends to upper secondary education, where instruction is primarily conducted in Danish, as well as the entirety of higher education.

Mette Larsen Lyberth, team leader and educational consultant on dyslexia, hails GraphoGame’s integration into Greenland’s early education curriculum as a transformative addition. She emphasizes the significance of promoting literacy in the Greenlandic language and acknowledges the app’s potential to advance literacy development in the community.

Fostering literacy through collaboration 

GraphoGame’s accolades, including the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize in 2023 and the prestigious certificate for efficacy by the International Certification of Evidence of Impact in Education (ICEIE), underscore its effectiveness. Mervi Palander, Founder and CEO of GraphoGame, expresses gratitude for the collaboration with Greenland’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and the Church of Greenland, emphasising their dedication to preserving the Greenlandic language and fostering literacy.

GraphoGame’s evidence-based approach to literacy education has garnered international acclaim. Scientific trials demonstrate efficacy comparable to one-on-one teacher support. With over 7 million downloads worldwide and partnerships with governments and NGOs, GraphoGame is committed to promoting inclusivity and equitable access to quality education globally.