Literacy boost in Jamaican schools with GraphoGame-equipped tablet donation

Kingston, Jamaica, June 26, 2024 – Winsome Wishes for KIDS (WWKIDS) has significantly contributed to the educational development of Jamaican children by donating over 100 tablets equipped with the award-winning GraphoGame app to 23 schools across the island. The GraphoGame app, recognised with the 2023 UNESCO award, is a pivotal tool in enhancing early literacy skills, crucial for cognitive development and academic success.

The handover ceremony was held at Vaz Preparatory School, and led by the foundational educational institution of WWKIDS founder Simone Fisher Sobers. As her first educational foundation, this school has a special place in her heart, making it a poignant location for the meaningful distribution of tablets.

“We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, and through initiatives like this, we are working towards creating a brighter future for Jamaica,” said Simone Fisher Sobers, Founder and President of Winsome Wishes for KIDS.

Literacy skills set the groundwork for the future

The importance of literacy, particularly in early childhood, cannot be overstated. Literacy skills lay the groundwork for all future learning and are essential for personal development, academic achievement, and later professional success.

The GraphoGame app, designed to improve reading and spelling abilities, provides a valuable resource for young learners, ensuring they have a solid foundation to build upon as they progress through their education.

By equipping these schools with the GraphoGame app, WWKIDS is addressing immediate educational needs and investing in Jamaican children’s long-term development. This initiative reflects a deep commitment to creating better educational opportunities and underscores the vital role of literacy in early development.

Mervi Palander, CEO of GraphoGame, praised the initiative:
“This donation by WWKIDS is a brilliant example of how organisations can collaborate to make a real difference in children’s lives. Providing early literacy tools like GraphoGame supports immediate educational needs and lays a strong foundation for future learning. We hope this inspires other organisations to follow suit and invest in similar impactful educational initiatives.”

From left: Claudette Edwards, vice principal and reading specialist at August Town Primary School; Nicole Bella, Head of Education at UNESCO Caribbean, August Town Primary student; and Simone Sobers, founder of Winsome Wishes for KIDS.


Winsome Wished for KIDS is dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We strive to help children with learning challenges or disabilities become their best selves. We want to ensure that all schools have the academic resources, trained teachers, and funding necessary to reach educationally marginalised children. We are partners with, e.g. The Windward School and Institute, NY; Higher Potential for Learning, NV; ISSA Trust Foundation, FL; Haskins Literacy Hub, Connecticut; Kozy Korner Books, Jamaica; PAF Reading Program, NY; Atlanta Speech School, GA. 

Images courtesy of Jamaica LoopNews