Youth football team in Jamaica embraces reading with Graphogame

In an exciting new initiative, a youth football team has adopted the Graphogame App to enhance their reading skills. The young athletes were introduced to the app earlier this year during the WWKIDS Saturday Read Aloud program. This collaboration with the Young Lion and Lioness Youth Football Academy aims to cultivate confident, fluent readers with strong comprehension abilities.

After their training sessions each Saturday, the young footballers dive into captivating stories to improve their comprehension and listening skills, reduce stress, and boost happiness. The one-hour sessions are filled with engaging activities, including readings by international peers and authors, scene acting, and inspirational talks.


“We also secured sponsorships for the team, enabling them to purchase new gear for upcoming tournaments in Jamaica and Florida in June and July,” explained Founder and President Simone Sobers at WWKIDS.

“We aim to raise awareness of the Graphogame App within the community and have created promotional materials to attach to the team’s gear.”

This initiative fosters a love for reading and supports the team’s preparation for essential tournaments, highlighting the multifaceted benefits of integrating educational tools with athletic programs.

“We are at awe with these lovely initiatives by our close partners and collaborators created around the world in support of literacy”, comments GraphoGame CEO Mervi Palander delighted with this project by WWKIDS in Jamaica.

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