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How an active phonics game can develop your child’s reading skills

GraphoGame has been designed using scientific research in phonics and literacy to give you a tool that works with your child’s natural instincts to not just develop reading skills but instil a love of learning. 

Developed with speech pathologists, linguists, and neuropsychologists, the app quickly adapts to the reading level of a child and delivers an engaging and productive learning experience. 

Give your child access to cutting-edge educational technology with a convenient phonics game.



kid learning to read
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Effective for all starting level

The current level of reading does not matter. The game automatically sets the starting level with proven effectiveness also for children with dyslexia and neurodiversity.

No parental involvement needed

The app is designed so that your child can independently start learning.

Here’s a few reasons why an active phonics game is effective as a learning tool.

How does a phonics game work?

In synthetic phonics, sounds or phonemes that are linked to letters or graphemes are first pronounced separately. Later, they are joined in synthesis. A phonics game like GraphoGame separates a single-syllable word such as bat into its individual parts and pronounces those three separately. After that, they are pronounced together to form the word. 




Why is a phonics game so effective?

Because it’s based on the alphabetic principle, the concept that spoken sounds and words correspond to written text. This is one of the first skills a child develops when learning to read. Research has shown that children who don’t create a robust foundation for reading through the use of phonics are at a greater risk of developing reading difficulties later in their lives.


How does a phonics game use gamification to improve children’s reading skills?

The phonics game GraphoGame has been developed based on extensive research. Through its quick repetition, temporary failure, and eventual accomplishment of goals, the app introduces the principles of gaming to make reading fun, exciting and motivating for children. 

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” Our son is evolving impressively
with the help of the program. We did not
expect that our 3-year-old would be reading this easily “

Parents of 3 year old, Brazil

child learning to read

Amazing learning results backed by sciences

” GraphoGame has been shown to be as
effective as one-to-one teacher support “

University of Cambridgle

” Children exposed to GraphoGame performed better than the control group on all literacy measures “

Nshimbi, JC et al

Reading tips & tricks from industry experts


In Greenland, all children learn to read with GraphoGame

Nuuk, Greenland, June 20, 2024 — GraphoGame, a renowned educational game, proudly announces its widespread adoption in Greenland, where it is utilised by all children to foster literacy skills. GraphoGame Kalaaallisut, specifically designed for 6 to 9-year-old children, employs a proven method to enhance reading and spelling abilities, offering a valuable resource for kindergarten and primary school students.

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The role of EdTech and strategic partnerships in solving the global learning crisis

The reports from UNESCO and Save the Children raise an alarm: we have a severe global literacy crisis. This crisis, exacerbated by insufficient educational funding, a lack of teachers, and even the lingering repercussions of the pandemic, underscores the urgent need for innovative approaches to combating this crisis. In this blog we will explore how education technology companies, governments and research institutions can collaborate more closely to ensure all children have access to quality literacy education.

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GraphoGame is honored with the 2024 EdTech Breakthrough Award in Learning Analytics Innovation

Helsinki, Finland, June 11, 2024—GraphoGame has been honoured with The EdTech Breakthrough Award 2024 for Learning Analytics Innovation. This award recognises outstanding achievements in educational technology, specifically in learning analytics. It celebrates companies, products, and solutions that demonstrate innovative approaches to using data and analytics to enhance the learning experience.

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Youth football team in Jamaica embraces reading with Graphogame

In an exciting new initiative, a youth football team has adopted the Graphogame App to enhance their reading skills. The young athletes were introduced to the app earlier this year during the WWKIDS Saturday Read Aloud program. This collaboration with the Young Lion and Lioness Youth Football Academy aims to cultivate confident, fluent readers with strong comprehension abilities.

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Sustainable learning culture enabling student engagement and growth in Brazil

During a recent visit to Brazil, I had the privilege of engaging with school leaders, teachers, and educators at SESI—Faculdade SESI de Educação in São Paulo. This experience also provided an opportunity to share some thoughts on the importance of a sustainable working and learning culture in schools and educational organisations. I want to share my experience and explore some key learnings in this blog.

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kid learning to read

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