Global leaders unite at the European Commission event on education

Recently, global leaders convened in Brussels at the Global Gateway High-Level Event on Education by the European Union. During the event, organised by the European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen to discuss the pressing issues and opportunities in advancing education worldwide. This reflection blog by Laura Koponen, Chair of Graphogame, will open up valuable insights into the discussions, key takeaways, and calls to action from this influential gathering.

“I recently had the privilege of attending the Global Gateway High-Level Event on Education in Brussels, where I had the honour of meeting European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen and engaging with an inspiring community dedicated to advancing education worldwide.

Commissioner Jutta Urpilainen and her team have demonstrated remarkable leadership in prioritising education on the global agenda. Education is not merely a cost but a vital investment in shaping our collective future. However, as we have heard from various speakers, there is still much work to do to ensure that education receives the attention and resources it deserves.

One key takeaway from the event was the urgent need for increased speed, funding, and collaborative effort to address the challenges in education. UNESCO’s sobering statistics remind us that we are facing a significant shortfall in funding to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4). We must change the narrative surrounding education and mobilise political will to prioritise this critical issue.

The Global Gateway High Level Event on Education is an important milestone for the EU and its partners towards the 2024 Summit of the Future and the 2025 World Social Summit, underlining the importance of education as a catalytic investment for the future.”

At Graphogame, we are committed to being part of the solution. With over 600 million people worldwide unable to read, our scalable literacy learning tool aims to bridge this gap and empower learners of all ages. It was heartening to hear UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russel’s strong message echoing the importance of literacy in her speech.

During the event, I also had the opportunity to connect with Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director General at UNESCO, and express gratitude for the UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize. These conversations reinforced the importance of collaboration and recognition in driving positive educational change.

As we reflect on the disparities in educational investment between regions, it’s clear that we must do more to support initiatives in underserved communities. The stark contrast in the cost of educating a child in Africa versus Europe highlights the inequalities that persist in our world today. It prompts us to ask ourselves: Shouldn’t we allocate some of our resources to support these vital causes?

One of the most poignant moments of the event came from Sister Zeph, whose personal story reminded us of the transformative power of education. Her impassioned plea to ensure access to education for every child resonated deeply with me and underscored the urgency of our collective efforts.

In conclusion, the Global Gateway High-Level Event on Education catalysed meaningful dialogue and action. As we continue our journey towards a more equitable and inclusive world, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to education as a fundamental human right and a catalyst for positive change.

Let’s work together to build a brighter future for all.”

Author: Laura Koponen, Chair at GraphoGame

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